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Bought a waste management Bagster ® Bag at your local Home Depot in the Salt Lake area then filled it up with junk & debris? 
Now what? Schedule your collection.

Buy it. Fill it. We come get it.

Bagster waste bag dumpster alternative

You can find Bagsters sold in a lot of places, but we trust only one. We recommend shipping to your home or business directly.

bagster same day dumpster buy online

$39.99 each, your Bagster

purchase includes

Fast & Free Shipping.

all payment types accepted

Schedule Bagster Pick Up
100% Online 24/7

1. Capture Shot of Bagster loaded with contents visible

2. Side view that shows Bagsters location on the property

3. Top view looking down into the Bagster

Upload Your Video
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1. Ship to your door in less than 3 days and most major retailers carry them. We trust the original Bagster® and make purchasing & pick up easy. Straps need to overlap by at least 12 inches in order to be properly and safely picked up.


2. Bagsters are the perfect cleanup solution for many types of projects including:

  • Renovations/Remodeling

  • Organizing a Garage or Attic

  • Cleanup projects with long timelines 

  • Landscaping*

  • Seasonal Cleanup

  • Projects in hard-to-reach places

  • See some acceptable Bagster® items in the next tab "Bagsters vs. Dumpsters"

*Sod, sand, gravel, dirt, bricks, concrete, and rocks are not accepted in Bagsters®.

You will need one of our:

✔️Concrete, Dirt, Rocks, Sod & Brick Dumpster

3. Follow all instructions for loading that come with the Bagster. We can pick up several Bagsters at once making it a more eco-friendly option. *Ask about our discount for multi-bag pickup at the same location at the same time.*

Schedule your Bagster pick-up by calling or texting 801-935-0297 or 100% online 24/7. 

​Please TEXT or EMAIL three (3) Pictures or a video including all 3 of the following:

  • Capture Shot of Bagster loaded with contents visible

  • Side view that shows Bagsters location on the property

  • Top view looking down at the Bagster

4. Need something larger? If a Bagster isn't large enough to fit your project's needs or you need the fastest possible turnaround time,

then take a look at our custom dumpsters that are available in 4 sizes, guaranteed in 4 hours.

Same Day Dumpster Rental is the only waste disposal service provider in Salt Lake County with a fleet of custom: trucks, skid steers, and dumpsters.
We can fit in places no other disposal company can.

Same Day Dumpster offers Pick Up Service for our Dumpsters & Bagsters in all areas of Salt Lake County.
We also offer options to securely pay for everything from the container to the disposal costs.
We accept split pay and after-pay options as well as Venmo, PayPal, and all major credit cards.


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